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Some Phone Calls that can save you Money


There comes a time in your daily life when by just making some phone calls, you can save money or at least, it can help you to have a nice upgrade. Following is a brief description of some phone calls that you should always consider making: 

Negotiating on a lower APR Credit Card

Try to make a call to your credit card provider and tell them that an XYZ card company is offering a credit card at 0 percent APR for a year with a fixed return of just 11 percent, later which, is a lot cheaper than my present credit card deal. 

You should ask the credit card provider whether they can match the competing offer of their competitors or otherwise switch your current balance to their competitors in order to take advantage of their offer. Obviously, none of the companies want to lose their customers. So, by making this phone call, you can earn a better deal for your credit card. 

Your Cable Provider

It can be a great idea to make a phone call to your cable operator in order to negotiate a better deal for you, especially. Especially, you have more than one cable operator in your area there are high chances for you to get a better deal. Normally, the cable operators offer 90 days trial before locking you up in some contract. Therefore, transition among cable operators is not an issue, if you feel that some other cable operator is offering a good deal. 

Car Rental – A lot of people do car rental by logging on to their websites. Well, it is advised to call them and ask for any upgrade as the website does not give any upgrade or discount, which is specially reserved for walk-in customers by the car rental companies. 

Calling for better Hotel deals – The people should call in to the hotel’s front desk at least a couple of days before, if they have made a reservation. Through this phone call, they should check if the hotel can offer them some room upgrade free of cost. This is particularly useful if you have made your hotel bookings through their website. 

Calling your Retailer about Refund – A retailer, sometimes, gives you a discount on their website on some items, which may not yet been applicable to their shopping outlets. So, if you buy a shirt from a store, but later, find out on their website that the same shirt is on 30 percent discount, you should definitely look to call your retailer in order to provide you with the same 30 percent discount on that. This can obviously get you a refund of 30 percent on your purchase. 

Calling your Car Insurance provider Agent – You should look to call your car insurance agent to come to you with all the benefits and offers that you have not received so far, as at times, there are some discounts and benefits that you or the insurance providers mistakenly overlook. 

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